The Opening & Awards Ceremony of the 10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, held on Friday, 14.06.2013, at the Latin American Victor Civita Library at the Latin America Memorial in São Paulo, was attended by 300+ people, including national and foreign journalists. The first night of the exhibition was attended by 588 visitors, and more than 2,800 in the first weekend.

500+ people attended the 10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial Conference 2013 – organized by ADG Brasil and Apex-Brasil at the Símon Bolivar Auditorium in the morning and afternoon of Saturday 06.15.2013 – to watch the presentation of six cases from the Biennial selection and a debate with some of the Biennial jury members.

Pictures here, by Luke Garcia.


Get to know the list with selected projects of the 10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial

The tenth edition of ADG Brasil´s Biennial received 1910 entries that went through an online jury of 64 professionals from 12 countries and eight Brazilian states. Each subcategory was judged independently by three people, who rated 0-10 on Quality (design, its elements and solutions), Originality, how successful the project was regarding its Objective/Briefing, and a General grade.

The average score of the judges set a ranking of projects by subcategories, and the 725 jobs with the highest marks comprised the Short List of the Biennial. These projects were sent to São Paulo, where 39 jurors - some of whom had participated in the online jury – once again divided into groups of 3 people, analyzed them.

Thus, the 88 jurors defined a total of 444 projects that represent the quality design made ​​in Brazil and / or by Brazilian designers in the last four years. The jury also chose to highlight attributes, qualities and aspects of some 70 projects. These will be announced at the opening of the 10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial on June 14, 2013 in the Memorial da América Latina, in São Paulo.