The Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial is the time when the Brazilian Graphic Design body reflect its achievements, question its paths, outline its plans, and show an intense dialogue with innovation, entrepreneurship, culture, economic development, sustainability and society. It is when it recognizes its best, honors its past, expands its borders and nurture its future.

The Biennial has been, since its first edition in 1992, the grand celebration of Brazilian Graphic Design. It is the most traditional assembly of all members – professionals, clients, suppliers, scholars, educators and students – of this huge segment of the creative industry. In its nine editions, the Biennial has gathered more than 2,000 projects – designed in Brazil or by Brazilian designers abroad –, diligently and voluntarily selected by some of the most renowned practitioners and academics from different regions of Brazil.


The vast panorama that the Biennale has been recording for more than two decades will receive a colossal and unexpected mass of projects developed over the past four years, in order to rectify the cancellation of the event two years ago. Increasingly broad and deep, the mapping of Brazilian design that the Biennial aims to promote for its commemorative tenth edition will surely reflect and unveil different perspectives, new frontiers, and the great changes that Brazil and the world are going through. In other words, where we are, where we came from and where we are headed.

Bruno Porto
General Coordinator


The 10th Brazilian Graphic Design is organized by ADG Brasil, the Brazilian Graphic Designers Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1989 with the fundamental objectives of promoting and valorizing Graphic Design in Brazil, as well as to affirm the profession's identity. Currently the longest-lived professional design association in the country, ADG Brasil is frequently consulted by government agencies, as well as international organizations and publications regarding design issues in Brazil.